Friday, December 18, 2009

The new Kabuki store...Woot!

Naku really did an amazing job with the new Kabuki store features and layout. He has been working very hard for you all, so come on down and show your support. Doesn't it look great?I also ran into Naku there and snapped a pic while he was surveying his handy-work. Can you all say "Hubba Hubba!" *giggles* This isn't actually where I ran into him at, he was standing in one of the back rooms oogling the pics. Bet you can't guess which room...haha *Hopes she doesn't get fired for that.*

There is a great snow scape in front of the store, we need to get a group together and have a snowball fight! I get to hide behind the snowman though. Speaking of which, thank you Jazmyn D for contributing such a cool gift to everyone! You will also find the awesome sleigh out there that Naku is giving away, try it out, it's so cool.
Drum roll please...Yup, that's me in front of my favorite wall. I'm such a hunt junkie. Read the rest of the blog to find out all about the great hunts Kabuki entered. So many great gifts to find. *wiggles her butt in excitment* Oops, sorry, sometimes I get carried away.

And not to be missed, the Christmas freebie corner. I think I'm going to go curl up on the pillows under the tree and watch all of you fight over the gifts Santa has so generously left for everyone. Hmmm, that makes me wonder what Naku looks like in red velvet with white trim. Maybe I will catch a glimpse of him while I'm there. Well a girl has to have something to wish for at Christmas! *grins and winks*
Ok, enough teaser pics. Join us in celebrating the new store opening, Saturday, December 19th. And thank you for all you do for us Naku. *blows a kiss*

Best seller right now

I bet you can guess the name of this one. Come on, try... That's right, I see your lips forming the letter P, keep going. Yay! That's right, the best selling pose right now is "Passion". And no wonder! This is one hot and steamy kissing session. For those of you that have it already, you know what I'm talking about. *winks* For those that don't have it yet, boy are you missing out. This great animation has two yummy kissing poses in one set of pose balls.
See how passionate that is? Ladies, you can caress your sweetie's face as you hold them close with one hand, really showing them how much you care. And men, your honey will just melt when you wrap your hands behind their head and bring them against your warm body to kiss your "Mmm" so wonderful lips.

Don't forget to check the manual provided to learn how to turn on and off facial expressions and how to sync movements, along with other helpful information. And if you still need help just check the in-store online indicators to see who is available.

Keep watching for the scoop on the new Kabuki store!
See you all there,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twas the Night Before Kabuki Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through SL
Not an Avatar was stirring, thought I was in hell
I ran straight to Kabuki, to see who was around
Jumping for joy, because people I had found!

There was Naku, the Pose King, sitting on his throne
And Anyraya faking smiles, just wanting to go home
While Jessicah, ever cheerful, passed out eggnog
Filling my cup three times, i know "What a hog!"

Santa sat in the corner with his beard and cap
Alisia bounced like a child, up and down on his lap
Ava laughing like a loon, while her camera lights flashed
Nissa passed out under the table, I think she was smashed

When suddenly on the roof top there arose such a clatter
We all rushed outside to see what was the matter
Wide eyed and excited, we looked to the sky
There on the roof, rain-deer and a sleigh we did spy

Naku exclaimed loudly "Finally it is here!"
"My gift to you all, to spread Christmas cheer."
Hooting and hollering, we all yelled with delight
While Anyraya jumped in the sleigh, and drove out of sight!

Yes, that's right, ANOTHER free Christmas gift from Kabuki! This sleigh is just so adorable. It would be perfect to rez in the sky and take pictures for Christmas cards, don't you think? It has two great poses, on and off facial expressions, and even snow!
My special friend Than said he had something to show me and to dress for Christmas. So thinking I would be cute I threw on my Christmas bikini. I know, Christmas and bikinis do not usually mix, but hey, I live in Florida. *grins* I accepted the tp and arrived to find he wanted to take me on a little flight, just as I tried to suggest I change into something a little warmer he grabbed my waist and threw me up into the sleigh. *sighs at the sheer strength of a man that can do that* FYI, I do not recommend you take flight in a Christmas bikini as I did...brrrr! But I did have the best time flying around with Than and the rain deer. *whispers* And he did put his arms around me to help keep me warm, wasn't that so sweet of him?

Do not walk, RUN to Kabuki to pick up this awesome free Christmas gift.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More free, seriously!

You just have to love a man that gives away so much free stuff! *blows Naku a kiss* Come on down, I have two more hunts for you all. First up is the Caring is Sharing Hunt, 15 Dec - 15 Jan. And Naku has chosen his very appropriately named "Sharing is Caring" pose to go with it.
Just look how caring your honey will be when they are behind you like this, their arms wrapped around you as they rub your hands and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Now let me hear you all say "Awwww" I know you want to, I did. *grins* I got to try this pose with my very dear friend Laz, so I can safely tell all you ladies to watch your man's hands when he gets behind you like this. *giggles softly*

Next we have the Black Pearl Hunt, 15 Dec - 15 Jan. Find the pearl and you will get another great pose called "Love for All Seasons". This one is just fantastic, comes with the modifiable bench so you can make it match your area. And I love how the person laying down is all relaxed with feet propped up while the other person cuddles and caresses their head, staring deeply into each others eyes.
This pose screams "kiss me please", or was that Laz again? *laughs* I'm just kidding Laz, please don't spank me. Oh wait, what am I saying? Spank me, spank me!!

I will see you all at Kabuki!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sweet Emotions, i mean Promotions

Kabuki has some great promotions going on right now. I just love Naku's bean bag poses. If you've never sat in a bean bag before, boy should you try it...especially cuddling in one!
Not only do you get the warmth of your sweetie's body and embrace, but you sink into the bean filled cushion for even more comfort. *whispers* Psst, it's also fun to wrestle around on one. Of course you get the bean bags with both of these poses, and they are modifiable so you can change the color to match your decor. That is so important to us ladies.
Do you know why bean bags were so popular in the 70s? Because it was the age of love baby, love. Well they certainly can put you in the right mood for that, let me tell you. And that is not all that is on sale right now.
You can also find this wonderful "Spending My Life" pose. It's not shown in the pic, but it comes with a very soft and sexy white bear skin rug. (Also modifiable if white is not for you.) This pose is great for calming down and cuddling after playing around on the bean bags. *giggles* Personally I like it in front of the fireplace...enjoying a nice glass of wine, listening to the wood pop, staring into the flames as they dance around, and best of all having your sweetie there to cuddle with you. *sighs softly* I know, I'm such a girl, some things just can not be helped.
Hurry to the store before these promotions end.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Merry Christmas from Naku and the Kabuki team!

I just can not believe we are giving these away FREE!

OMG, the train is sooooooo adorable. It has two sitting poses with facial expressions you can turn on and off, as well as smoke and the wonderful train noises, horn included! I got so tickled when my friend Than and I sat in the train, he turned the smoke on and I got us rolling. Away we went around the tracks, so much fun!!! I'm still giggling about it just remembering. I am definately finding a place to display this one so all my friends can come and play also. The picture shows a tree in the middle of the track that is not included with the pose, but what a wonderful idea. Just add your own tree or even presents, and some snow, and Presto...tons of fun.

And now *giggles* one of my favorite poses. "I'll be good for Christmas" or will I? I really wonder if I need to be naughty or nice to enjoy this pose... What do you think? *whispers* I did actually get to try it out, shhhhhh. Oh boy what an experience, though I was trying to be good and not worry my friend too much...hehe. I must say Than had me squirming and kicking my legs really well, with a smile on his face the whole time. *shakes her head* By the way, how is your hand feeling Than? Santa, I will be a very very good girl if you bring me this for Christmas. Oh wait, it's free at Kabuki! *gives a wicked little giggle* I guess I don't really have to be good after all, sweet.

So how is that for tons of fun and enjoyment from your friends at Kabuki? You will find these wonderful morsels under the stairs, so don't miss out.
Merry Christmas from Naku and the Kabuki team!

Who's thanking who?

If you do not have Kabuki in your profile picks already then you better run right over there! Every month Naku gives you another great pose if you do. This month you will get the "Thank You" pose. Hurry up and get this one before Christmas so you can give the proper thank you to your sweetie when they give you that extra special gift they have hiding in the closet under the stairs. Oops, did I say that out loud? *leaves a reminder to move her gift to another location*

I think your sweetie will really appreciate this kind of a thank you. And more than likely pull you in their lap for even more fun! This pose won my heart because it is so sweet and caring. Kneeling beside your loved one to kiss their cheek, I just feel it shows you really mean it. Come on over and hit the picks sign for this great pose.

Hunts, Hunts, and more Hunts!

Kabuki is currently in 5 hunts, with two more coming up on the 15th! Wow, so much free stuff it will make your head spin. *laughs* I have already told you about the Snowflake hunt, now for the others. Let's start with the Peace on Earth Hunt, 1-31Dec, the "Listen To Your Heart" pose is just sooooo sweet. What better way to get close to your guy than to wrap your arms around him and allow your heart to sync with his as you listen closely, his warmth seeping into you all the while. *sighs softly*For the Santa's Lil Helper Hunt, 1-31DEC, Naku has added the "I Could Fall In Love" pose. And you know what? I did fall in love with it. It comes with the pillow which is modifiable so you can change the texture and colors.
Look how sweet they are laying there kissing. Psst...I tried this animated pose with a friend and he would not let me get back up from the pillow. *giggles* He pulled me close and just kept mumbling something about softness, i don't know, he was hard to understand. Don't miss this one ya'll, it is well worth the search!

Next we have the Jingle Bell Hunt, 1-31DEC, with the "Finally Found You" pose. It is so nice to be enveloped in your honey's embrace with his legs wrapped around you while he holds you close, isn't it ladies?
I hope all of you guys are watching your girl nod in agreement and listening to their cheers of joy. And I know you guys love to feel your girl pressed so close to you as you hold her tightly, keeping her safe. This is a great pose for relaxing and talking with that special someone.

And last for the hunts we have the On The Christmas Tree (OTCT) Hunt, 1-31Dec. It is another great couples pose called "Sweethearts" with a modifiable bench.
Not only do you get to sit next to your lover, but you get to put an arm around them, hold their hand, AND kiss them. *wipes the dampness from her brow* This pose is so good you will not need a blanket to keep warm in the winter months.

Now if you do not take the time to go find all of these hunt items, well I will just start to think there is something wrong with you...yes I will. *laughs* Seriously, all these great poses, and free!!! See you all on the hunts.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey Hunters and Patrons

If you are doing the Snowflake Hunt, or even if you aren't, don't miss the gift Naku is giving for this one. Just look around the store for the cute little snowflakes to receive your 'A Heart Full Of Love' pose. It's such a sweet pose and comes with the chair and ottoman. Or you can use the pose itself to move to any furniture you already own. My friends Than and Cinn allowed me to peek into their home to see how they set up their gift.

Don't they just look adorable relaxing by the fire? Cinn said she loves this pose for unwinding at the end of the day with her honey, it gives them a chance to be close and talk. Aww, now isn't she just so sweet? You better hang onto that one Than. *winks* I'm on my way now to find the snowflake myself, I just can't resist after seeing these two love birds!
I'll see you at the store!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Calling all models and posers!

Have you seen the new Model Pose Stands at Kabuki yet? All I can say is WOW! These pose stands offer some of the most natural and smooth flowing poses I have seen on SL. You have to try them, the subtle movements between poses flow so nicely it's like you are posing in real life. I must have run through each pose on the stands three times just to watch myself move. *laughs* If you are a serious SL model, these stands are a MUST have. If you just want to play around and take great pictures, these stands are wonderful for that. Naku, you really out-did yourself on these, thank you so much!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last, but certainly not least

Friends, you simply must get down to Kabuki Creations and get the new "Never Be Apart" pose. This pose sends chills down my spine just thinking about it! A special guy friend and I went to try it out and we steamed up every window in the place. Ok, maybe that was my heavy breathing *blushes* but WOW. With his warm lips on the back of my shoulder and his hands moving over my waist as we straddled the brick wall, can you blame a girl? I try not to show my weaknesses very often, but run your lips along the bare skin on the back of my shoulder and I melt every time. Which is why I could not stop myself from turning in his arms and showing my appreciation with a deep kiss.

And the "Moment like this" pose showed perfecly what I had in mind. When I curled my legs over his, he and I could not keep our hands off of each other, his fingers running along my sides sending goosebumps all over me. My hands moving against his back to feel his warmth and strength. *shakes her head to clear the image so she can try to get back to her writing* Now what was I saying? Oh yeah, we had to leave the store quickly before we were thrown least that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. *giggles softly*

That's it for today everyone, if you are still not on your way to Kabuki then you may need your head examined. My office hours are 8 a.m.....*laughs* just kidding. But what are you waiting for???

Perfect night

Gentlemen, imagine the feel of a fluffy soft fur rug under your back as you relax before a nice fire, your eyes closed peacefully. Suddenly you feel movement in the air currents and fingers moving through your hair as your special lady lays down above your head and begins kissing you passionately, stirring your desires. Nice picture huh? *grins* Pucker up for a romantic evening with Kabuki's 'With Loving Care' pose, your lady will not be disappointed *whispers* and neither will you. I just adore how my feet wiggle in the air with this pose, showing how happy I am to be with my man. And men really can't resist you when you show them just how much you care and that you can't keep your hands, and lips, off them. *winks*

Want to feel loved?

Just try the 'Hugs and Kisses, Please' pose, it will certainly put you in the right frame of mind. Your man pulling you into the front of his strong body, cacooning you in his warm embrase as he wraps himself around you, his arms holding you tightly while he lovingly kisses your neck *shivers*. And that's not even the best part, the best part is that you can get this amazing pose for free just by having Kabuki in your picks...that's right, free! The head, hands, and feet animations in this pose make it so realistic and adorable. *Cocks her head to the side listening to the pounding of feet as everyone rushes to the store to grab this wonderful offer* And don't forget to come back each month for another amazing free pose from Kabuki's very generous creator.

Hello Everyone,

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Kayla and I just love Second Life. I'm a fun loving girl with a serious side when needed, though I love to laugh and that is how you will usually see me. Exploring SL and all it has to offer has been so exciting. I have met some great people and look forward to meeting many more. I do my best to talk to anyone that wants to chat, you just never know who you will run into or what great ideas or suggestions they will have. If you have any questions please feel free to IM me if I am online, but if I am not you need to send a note as my IMs almost always get capped.
I am very passionate about reading which has fueled my love of writing. I am so excited to be doing this blog for such a great company and I hope to do Naku's poses justice. I really do enjoy all of his poses and I love that he keeps them affordable for everyone. So on that note, let's start this wonderful journey together off right...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kabuki Creations-Most Voted Couple Photo Contest

Attention everyone, but first of all hello and welcome to our blog again. Now back to the topic, Kabuki Creations is holding a photo contest this July 2009. Up to 10k's of linden to be given away...:). This contest will be based on vote count .So everyone don't miss this opportunity and send in your very own photo posing on your own Kabuki Creations pose balls. Yes, you heard it right, ask a friend or best with your loved one to pose on your own pose balls you may or may not edit it is your choice. Send your entries to me(chelone Fairey) or Naku Nishi. We are accepting entries from 3rd - 14th July and voting will start on 15th July till 30th July. Please put your pic in an NC and name it -KABUKI PHOTO CONTEST-(YOUR NAME). This way it will be easier for us to spot your entries. Also don't forget to name the pose ball that you are posing on. For further rules please go to kabuki store at Eternity Sands 186,38,33, go to the photo section and touch the contest rules board to receive the detailed rules of this contest. You cant miss this contest act now, your pocket could be stuffed full with Lindens by the end of this month. Good luck and let me see your pic in there....:)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New "Love story" pose and interview with Naku Nishi

Hello again from us Kabuki Creations. A new pose have been launched on July 1st. This new pose animation is named "Love Story", a name that tells this pose is meant for lovers out there. I have also interviewed the creator of this pose Naku Nishi about this new pose animation. So lets see what he says about this new pose animation.

Chelone Fairey: tell me abt this love story whats the inspiration, :)
Naku Nishi: Love story series inspired to make Second Life a better place for us all
Chelone Fairey: i see that's a great cause...:)
Naku Nishi: I will create more and more this kind of pose the everyone can get inspired by this poses and creates their own love story...thus the name
Chelone Fairey: aha! that's great, i cant wait for another love story...:)
Chelone Fairey:would you like to explain this love story pose , like what does the avatar do in this animation.
Naku Nishi: good question!
Naku Nishi: she will start with kissing his lips.
Naku Nishi: then she moves on kissing his neck.
Naku Nishi: back to his lips and then moves down kissing his left nipples
Naku Nishi: after a few sec kissing his nipple...she will move down kissing his torso
Naku Nishi: after the torso she will moves back up this time to his right nipple.....teasting him right there.
Naku Nishi: then she continues back to his lips.....and she will continues
Chelone Fairey: so the pose repeat from top to bottom and bottom to the top.
Naku Nishi: the movements is slow and steady so she can have enough time to tease him
Chelone Fairey: how about the male ? wht does he do? is he just lying there?
Naku Nishi: yes..but his head is following each and every of her movements so it's more realistic
Chelone Fairey: i see so there is some movement in response of the female moves, thats great , its something unique
Naku Nishi: oh and it is a 2 minute length animations from starts to end...
Chelone Fairey: well , how much does this new pose cost?
Naku Nishi: it will be 200L$ for new item introduction price. but remember everyone the price will go up later.
Chelone Fairey: OK i think that's all i wanted to ask you , but do you have anythign to add about this new pose ?
Chelone Fairey: OK i think that's all i wanted to ask you , but do you have anythign to add about this new pose ?
Naku Nishi: not really, but you can say it has alway been my dream to create this kind of longer poses
Chelone Fairey: ahhh.... is been in yr mind for a very long time i presume...:)
Chelone Fairey: alright then i wish you all the best for your next pose and thank you for this interview...
Naku Nishi: tks to you too.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New "HOPE" pose

Hi and welcome once again. The pose animation below was created for the RFL hunt, it was a hunt organized for a cancer fund raising. However due to some problem it was canceled, and the roses that was hidden in the store has been removed. But everyone will still have a chance to own this pose animation. This pose as you can see it, both avatar is kneeling down on their knees holding each others hands and kissing, this pose animation will be given as a profile pick gift for July. So everyone dont miss this chance to get it for free. You must have our place in your second life profile, under the pick tab to receive this gift. So put us in and wait for 24 hour for it to be registered in second life and come back to our store and get your free pose animation...:). Hurry dont delay, because this great and carefully done pose will goes up on sale after the month of July ends. If you miss it you gonna have to pay for it...:). Again dont forget to come down and get yor copy. Bring everybody you know as well and let them enjoy this great pose with thier loved ones.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NEW "Love Bathtub"

Tired of going exploring or dancing with your loved one? cant think of the next date to bring him/her? or just wanted to spend time chatting and relaxing with your dear one?

Hello everybody, we have a new animation pose on sale now, it has just been launched on the tenth of June. This series of pose animation known as "Love Bathtub" has total of 11 poses and comes with a low prim sculpted tub. The tub has great features including texture change so you can match your tub to your wall or change them according to your liking..:). However we are sorry that due to script limitation, the display tub wont allow its texture to be change by others except for its owner. But you can experiment with the water texture and have a look at it. for a realistic effect you can turn on the shadow or the water steam if you fancy a hot bath. Also another great effect is water sound and if you click on the faucet it will either turn on the water flowing or turn it off. There are also some bath props and items you can rezz out like the sponge for one of the pose, and also a champagne table. Below are the poster for the Love Bathtub, if you see this poster you can buy a copy from it. This new product is going at introduction price of L$550.

Some of you might be wondering about the poses included in this series so heres the pics of all of the poses. This new series consist of 11 poses 9 newly made and 2 form our old tub pose The shires. So, here is the first pose. Female sitting on his lap and sharing a kiss with him.

The second pose is position similar to the first one where the female sitting on his lap, however this time the male is kissing her chest ...:).

Oh well this is called Love bathtub, its not complete without some lovey dovey action....LOL. In this pose the male is switching form her chest to her neck (the rest is up to you...:p).

Ok its time to take a bath, this is a pose where the male scrubs her back...:). You can rezz a sponge for this pose to make the animation more realistic.
The following two below is a bonus pose from the old tub known as "The Shires"

Another pose form "The Shires", relaxing in the bathtub with him is always great...:)

Who says kissing is bad? that's right Kissers exchange saliva containing various substances, like proteins and antigens. These can give a boost to the production of antibodies and boost your immune system. just some fun fact for you...:). That's why we have to have more kissing pose its another great way of showing your affection too.

Even though its not a kissing pose, something might be happening under the water...:). Lie down chest to chest with him and gaze into his eyes, you will think the time has stopped just for the two of you..:).
In this pose, the female is washing her leg while the male is hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek, think its simple pose? if hes someone you love dearly, this simple gesture will melt you to a puddle of human essence....LOL.

It isnt complete without having a glass or two of champagne while relaxing in the tub...:). You can rezz out the champagne table and click on it for a glass of champagne and you are set to enjoy the rest of your night.

This is another back scrubbing pose. The female gets all the attention here. Another pose you can use the sponge.

Isnt this nice? after a long hours of working its good to get a little massage especially from your loved one...:). The male in this pose is giving the female a massage on her shoulder.

So this is all the update on the new stuff we have on shelf now. Dont wait for too long to grab our newest product. Remeber early bird gets the better price...:) not worm. Don't miss it before the introduction price gets cold. Get them from KabukiCreations .For builders price however, please IM Naku Nishi or Nissa exonar. Enjoy your shopping.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kabuki Creations Pose Animation pt.1 ( The earliet series)

Hello and thankxx for visiting our blog again. Today i would like to introduce the earliest pose series that had our creator Naku Nishi kick off his career. Long ago, we both love to sit down and chat for hours and hours but back then we only have a rug that has a 5 couple pose in it. Eventually we got tired of sitting on the rug and that's when he developed ideas of making pose animation. There were total of 12 poses that he made and these poses was launched almost a year ago.

All of Kabuki Creations poses are made for couples in love with each other. These poses are great to be placed anywhere you like be it on a bed, a sofa, on a rug or the grassy spot under the tree behind your house in Second Life...:)

Awwww......aren't they cute...:D this couple in love with each other yet they are both shy and instead sitting facing away from each other.

For those of you who love to have fun with art this is a must have in your inventory. Painting is fun, but try painting something with your loved ones. you never know what will come out..:)

Look into her eyes with this pose and show her how much you care for her. She will be happy knowing that you really do love her, after all eye contact is important.

Pick a nice spot and hug her from behind with this pose, whisper the magic words into her ear while you both stares into the sunset. This simple pose will definitely makes her fall all over you.

Sprained her ankle? no worries carry her to safety and tend to her wounds. women loves men who take great care of her.

Establish your relationship with her with this kiss that mark the beginning of your wonderful life together.

Cant get enough of her? Shut your mouth and just kiss her with all yr heart don't forget to tell her how much you love her with your wild kiss.

Attention ladies, show those silky, flawless skin on your back to him. I am sure this temptation wont hold him from running his finger on your back and feeling you soft silky skin.

Saying "I Love You" is no longer something that hard for you to say, with this pose animation its easy for her to pick up whats in your mind. Grand gesture isn't needed, just sit down with her in a quiet place and spill out your feeling for her.

Not having enough space? someone stole the extra chair? crowded place? or the two of you are just inseparable? why not sit together in one spot?...:) she will feel totally safe sitting with you.

Another great kissing pose form our pose creator Naku Nishi. It seems whatever he do he does it with kissing...:) i think its a great way of showing your affection to someone. So what are you waiting for get this pose and show her/him how much you are intoxcicated with her/him.

These Pose animation is still up for sale for a price of 100L$ each. So those of you who would like to own it just teleport to our Kabuki Creations store at Eternity Sands 186,38,33. Thank you for your support and see you there. Bye...:P