Friday, December 18, 2009

Best seller right now

I bet you can guess the name of this one. Come on, try... That's right, I see your lips forming the letter P, keep going. Yay! That's right, the best selling pose right now is "Passion". And no wonder! This is one hot and steamy kissing session. For those of you that have it already, you know what I'm talking about. *winks* For those that don't have it yet, boy are you missing out. This great animation has two yummy kissing poses in one set of pose balls.
See how passionate that is? Ladies, you can caress your sweetie's face as you hold them close with one hand, really showing them how much you care. And men, your honey will just melt when you wrap your hands behind their head and bring them against your warm body to kiss your "Mmm" so wonderful lips.

Don't forget to check the manual provided to learn how to turn on and off facial expressions and how to sync movements, along with other helpful information. And if you still need help just check the in-store online indicators to see who is available.

Keep watching for the scoop on the new Kabuki store!
See you all there,

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