Tuesday, January 26, 2010

60L Sunday & now Saturday too!

Yes, that's right. 60L Sunday has expanded by popular demand to include Saturday's too. So if you have been dying to get your hands on one of Kabuki's awesome 60L deals but just can't make it on Sunday, well now you can! This week Naku is offering a very sweetly romantic pose called "Best Of My Love". -As your lover is lounging in front of the fire lost in the flames, you move up behind them, pressing your warm body against theirs to gain their attention, wrapping your left arm over them in a protective embrace as they turn and look up at you, both of you staring deeply into the others eyes, no words needed to express the emotions you hold in your heart, that one deep, long look saying it all.- *sighs softly*

Who needs a fire to warm you up when you have a pose like this? Oh wait, I do since I'm all alone in this big old house with nothing to do. Come on over, you know you want to. I'm waiting for you...

Pick up yours Saturday or Sunday at Kabuki Creations for only 60L Who knew romance was so darn affordable?..lol And don't forget to look around the store while you are here, there are heaps of wonderful animated poses at amazing prices.

Friday, January 22, 2010

60L Sunday

It's Friday..YAY! Now put on your partying shoes and go have a blast. But don't wear yourself out so bad you can't make it to Kabuki on Sunday because you will miss the next 60L deal. Naku is offering a super sweet pose called "Always and Forever". Show a loved one how much you love seeing them by running and jumping into their arms, wrapping your legs around their waist tightly, entwining your fingers through theirs, staring deeply into their eyes, and kissing them passionately. With this pose there is no way they won't realize how much they mean to you.

The head movements with this pose are so super sweet. First you stare into each other's eyes, then you lean forward and kiss with your head moving slightly side to side like you just can't get enough....Ohh, so sweet. Be sure to mark a big red star on your calendar to remind you of this sale. See you at Kabuki.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New hunts & exciting news

Hello Everyone, I've got some great new hunt poses to tell you about today. I know they will make you want to run right over to the store, but don't forget to read to the end for the exciting news.
First up is "Special Memories" in the Burning Heart Hunt(15 Jan-15 Feb). Imagine sitting in your nice cozy chair, stretched out by the fire with a steamy romantic book for company. You are absorbed in a super hot love scene when you feel the cushion by your feet shift, you look up to see your sweetie sitting there looking at you with purpose. You lower your book and gaze deeply into their loving eyes as they reach over and begin to caress your ankle, slowly removing one shoe and then the other. Their eyes twinkling with mischief as their hands begin to move up your long sexy legs...

Whew, I better stop there before I start sweating. But I think you get the general idea *grins widely*. This pose comes with modifiable chair and ottoman, adjustable pose ball, and even a book.

You are still thinking about that exciting news, aren't you? Next we have "Can't Fight This Feeling" which is probably exactly what you will be saying after your honey is finished with you in the chair from the last hunt. *wiggles her eyebrows* This pose is in the Broken Resolution Hunt(15 Jan-15 Feb). Stretch out and relax together, gazing into the others eyes as your relive the moments you just shared, telling each other how much you enjoyed it and what the other person means to you.

I love the cute leg movements with this pose, it makes it look like you are relaxing but still keyed up inside, unable to hold still. *smiles* This pose comes with the lovely, shimmery, gold pillow, but it's modifiable so you can change the texture to match any decor. As always the pose balls are adjustable, so it doesn't matter the height or girth of your avatar, you can easily fix them to look amazing.

Almost there, one more hunt and then I will tell you about the news that has me bouncing around in my seat. *giggles* Finally we have "Love You all the Time" in the Frosty Resolutions Hunt (22 Jan-22 Feb) where you can cuddle up after your amazing talk and just enjoy the feel of your lover's body next to yours as you lovingly caress each other. A hand moving over a leg, an arm, a shoulder...cheek sliding along silky smooth hair...bodies pressed as close as possible as your mind wanders to the joy of being in love.

Yeah, these are three pretty romantic poses by themselves, but put them all together and you have a night of magic. *sighs softly*

Now for the exciting news, since I know you are all just sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation. Don't you hate it when someone starts something, gets you all worked up, then makes you wait for the good stuff? What was that? Oh yes, I'm very excited to tell you about our new... (soft whispering and giggling noises can be heard -Naku- "Did you tell them yet?" -Kayla- *giggles* "I'm trying, ohhh nice hands, um I'm trying to now." *sighs softly, then shakes her head to clear her thoughts as she swats Naku's hand away* Stop that or I will never get to tell them, naughty man!") Oh, where was I? Oh yes, well I am super excited to tell you all about our new adult blog! *bounces up and down in her seat like a school girl* It's sooooo exciting. Remember the post here about the Forbidden Fruit Hunt, but I couldn't show you the pose because we want to keep this site available for everyone? Well now you CAN see it! Yay!! Just check out the new blog for this awesome hunt pose and many more to come. As I said, it is an adult blog so please do not view it if you find adult material offensive.

Well that's it for now you wonderful people, I'm off to see what mischief I can get into. *grins widely*
See you at Kabuki,

Monday, January 18, 2010

17 Jan, 60L Sunday sale

Well it's Sunday again,I can't believe it's been a whole week already...lol This week Naku is offering a very sweet pose called "I Miss You". This pose could not have come at a better time because a very dear friend of mine is out of town right now and away from SL a lot. Every time he logs in I'm going to drag him to this pose and show him just how much I miss him! *grins widely*

Squeezing him very tightly, my head laid against his strong chest to listen to his heart as it beats faster because I am near, unable to stop my foot from kicking in the air in my excitement. *sighs* "Where are you Than? I need my hug fix. You are missed very much and I can not wait to see you again!"

Yes, this pose is one of the best ways to show those you care about how much you miss them. At 60L this is a steal. If you would like more information about 60L Sunday please read last week's post. I will see you all at the Kabuki!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

60L Sunday

Yes that's right, Kabuki has joined the 60L Sunday group. So each Sunday Naku will pick one pose to offer in this awesome sale, and even better...it only costs 60 lindens! OMG, your screams of joy are hurting my ears. *laughs* And here is today's sale item called "Whisper".
Scoot up behind your sexy significant other and whisper anything you want into their ear. I bet you have goosebumps forming all over their body as your breath tickles the side of their face and your lips caress gently. The warmth of your body behind them combined with your strong hands over theirs helping with their sense of security and love. *sighs softly* Sweet huh?

The sale starts tomorrow, so rev your engines...lol

Want to know more about or join the 60L Sunday Group? Here you go:
How we're different...
We don't limit the quantity of merchants allowed to participate each week. We offset the potential chaos of this by sending out a note card with pictures of the items for sale, so it is more like getting a sale flier in your Sunday newspaper rather than TP'ing all over to look at each one. Merchants are screened (to help prevent copybots and resellers). Every Saturday just before midnight a note card goes out on our mass group message subscription device, which contains LMs and pictures for every store that wishes to participate that week. Merchants are also encouraged to send the completed list to their own groups, generating even more customers.

If you would like to join the group as a merchant please contact Kayla Bombastic OR Cara Ametza. If you would like to subscribe as a customer please visit Heavenly Treasures and touch the scribo sign.

Well there you go sexy people, I will see you at the store!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January picks gift

It's a new month so you all get a new picks gift, YAY! Don't have Kabuki in your picks...well all I can ask is, why not? Run over to the store now and put us in your picks, then come back in two days and get this wonderful pose called "To Be Around You".
You can relax with your special someone and talk, or just enjoy being so close to them. This is also a great pose to use with other friends. It shows your closeness without being in their faces about how much you two are in loooooove. *grins* I think the feet and hand animations with this one make it so much more realistic. Who wants to see themselves sitting there like a bump on a log like you do with non-animated poses? LOL

Head to the back of the store by the MM board, which you shouldn't miss anyway, and click the picture for this great picks gift.

Hunting Fanatics

Kabuki is currently participating in 4 hunts with 3 more coming up this month. I have blogged two of them already, to view the pictures scroll down to the one titled "More free stuff...no seriously!" Those are the Sharing is Caring hunt with Naku's Caring is Sharing pose offered and the Black Pearl hunt with his Love for All Seasons pose. If you haven't found them yet better do it by the 15th!

And the 2 new hunts right now are Death Becomes Her hunt, 1 - 31 Jan. In this hunt you will find a darling pose called "Comfort me". It comes with a very pretty gold textured pillow, but you can change the texture to anything you want it to be. Had a bit of a rough day running from store to store trying to find all the wonderful hunt items? Well grab this pose and get the comfort you need with your honey snuggled right behind you. It's great placed on a bed or couch, or even in front of the fireplace on those cold evenings.
Also the New Year's Resolution hunt, with a very cute pose called "Listening". This pose is just great to share secrets with you closest friend or loved one. Snuggle up ear to ear and whisper softly so no one else can hear the delicious secrets you have been saving for just such an occasion. But I warn you, secrets can turn into so much more if whispered in the right ear. *winks*
The next great hunt starts on Jan 9th and runs to the 25th. It's a fairly short hunt but oh so worth it. Yup, I'm talking about the Forbidden Fruit hunt, and Naku has a special pose in it just for you lovely hunters. Unfortunately it is too hot for me to show you a picture, but take my word when I say you don't want to miss it. *smiles and wiggles her butt* It comes with a white ottoman, but of course it's set up so you can change the texture. This is an adult pose and is not for the faint of heart. But if you like getting naughty, you don't have to admit it, I know already *giggles*, then get your booty to Kabuki on the 9th and grab this one quick.

We also have the Burning Heart hunt and the Frosty Resolutions hunt, both start Jan. 15th and end Feb. 15th. Of course I will be blogging about those soon, so keep your eyes open.

That's it for hunts for now. But you all know Naku, I'm sure there will be even more great hunt prizes available in the near future! I'll see you at the store.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January promotions

Happy New Year from Kabuki Creations!
Well it's the new year and what better way to start it off than with promotions from your favorite pose animator! Naku has three great poses for you this month: Finally Found You, Listen To Your Heart, and Hugs and Kisses, Please.

First we have Finally Found You, where you can show your significant other just how happy you are to have found them by holding them closely, caressing and whispering sweet nothings into their ear.
Relax against the warmth of you wonderful lover as you caress their thighs with a look of love on your face while you listen to the softly spoken words you so long to hear. Just the thought makes my heart beat faster. *sighs softly*

Next we have Listen to Your Heart. Imagine your arms wrapped around your loved one as you lean into them and listen to the soothing beat of their heart. Or having your loved one snuggled up to you like this as you rub their back and move your lips slowly over the top of their head, placing little sweet kisses against them.

This pose is so warm and heart felt, I love it so much I even made it my Christmas picture. Isn't that just adorable? You can say it..."Awww" *smiles widely*

And finally we have the Hugs and Kisses, Please pose. It's the cutest pose where you can snuggle up close to your honey with your arms wrapped tightly around them and kiss their neck lovingly.
I don't know about you, but I get all tingly inside when I feel soft kisses on the sensitive skin of my neck...mmmmm. I love how sweet this looks with the facial expression of the one being hugged while the one hugging can not help but show their pleasure by moving their feet, so adorable.

High-tail it to Kabuki and snap up these poses, the promotions won't last forever!
Happy New Year,