Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hunting Fanatics

Kabuki is currently participating in 4 hunts with 3 more coming up this month. I have blogged two of them already, to view the pictures scroll down to the one titled "More free seriously!" Those are the Sharing is Caring hunt with Naku's Caring is Sharing pose offered and the Black Pearl hunt with his Love for All Seasons pose. If you haven't found them yet better do it by the 15th!

And the 2 new hunts right now are Death Becomes Her hunt, 1 - 31 Jan. In this hunt you will find a darling pose called "Comfort me". It comes with a very pretty gold textured pillow, but you can change the texture to anything you want it to be. Had a bit of a rough day running from store to store trying to find all the wonderful hunt items? Well grab this pose and get the comfort you need with your honey snuggled right behind you. It's great placed on a bed or couch, or even in front of the fireplace on those cold evenings.
Also the New Year's Resolution hunt, with a very cute pose called "Listening". This pose is just great to share secrets with you closest friend or loved one. Snuggle up ear to ear and whisper softly so no one else can hear the delicious secrets you have been saving for just such an occasion. But I warn you, secrets can turn into so much more if whispered in the right ear. *winks*
The next great hunt starts on Jan 9th and runs to the 25th. It's a fairly short hunt but oh so worth it. Yup, I'm talking about the Forbidden Fruit hunt, and Naku has a special pose in it just for you lovely hunters. Unfortunately it is too hot for me to show you a picture, but take my word when I say you don't want to miss it. *smiles and wiggles her butt* It comes with a white ottoman, but of course it's set up so you can change the texture. This is an adult pose and is not for the faint of heart. But if you like getting naughty, you don't have to admit it, I know already *giggles*, then get your booty to Kabuki on the 9th and grab this one quick.

We also have the Burning Heart hunt and the Frosty Resolutions hunt, both start Jan. 15th and end Feb. 15th. Of course I will be blogging about those soon, so keep your eyes open.

That's it for hunts for now. But you all know Naku, I'm sure there will be even more great hunt prizes available in the near future! I'll see you at the store.

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