Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January picks gift

It's a new month so you all get a new picks gift, YAY! Don't have Kabuki in your picks...well all I can ask is, why not? Run over to the store now and put us in your picks, then come back in two days and get this wonderful pose called "To Be Around You".
You can relax with your special someone and talk, or just enjoy being so close to them. This is also a great pose to use with other friends. It shows your closeness without being in their faces about how much you two are in loooooove. *grins* I think the feet and hand animations with this one make it so much more realistic. Who wants to see themselves sitting there like a bump on a log like you do with non-animated poses? LOL

Head to the back of the store by the MM board, which you shouldn't miss anyway, and click the picture for this great picks gift.

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