Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New hunts & exciting news

Hello Everyone, I've got some great new hunt poses to tell you about today. I know they will make you want to run right over to the store, but don't forget to read to the end for the exciting news.
First up is "Special Memories" in the Burning Heart Hunt(15 Jan-15 Feb). Imagine sitting in your nice cozy chair, stretched out by the fire with a steamy romantic book for company. You are absorbed in a super hot love scene when you feel the cushion by your feet shift, you look up to see your sweetie sitting there looking at you with purpose. You lower your book and gaze deeply into their loving eyes as they reach over and begin to caress your ankle, slowly removing one shoe and then the other. Their eyes twinkling with mischief as their hands begin to move up your long sexy legs...

Whew, I better stop there before I start sweating. But I think you get the general idea *grins widely*. This pose comes with modifiable chair and ottoman, adjustable pose ball, and even a book.

You are still thinking about that exciting news, aren't you? Next we have "Can't Fight This Feeling" which is probably exactly what you will be saying after your honey is finished with you in the chair from the last hunt. *wiggles her eyebrows* This pose is in the Broken Resolution Hunt(15 Jan-15 Feb). Stretch out and relax together, gazing into the others eyes as your relive the moments you just shared, telling each other how much you enjoyed it and what the other person means to you.

I love the cute leg movements with this pose, it makes it look like you are relaxing but still keyed up inside, unable to hold still. *smiles* This pose comes with the lovely, shimmery, gold pillow, but it's modifiable so you can change the texture to match any decor. As always the pose balls are adjustable, so it doesn't matter the height or girth of your avatar, you can easily fix them to look amazing.

Almost there, one more hunt and then I will tell you about the news that has me bouncing around in my seat. *giggles* Finally we have "Love You all the Time" in the Frosty Resolutions Hunt (22 Jan-22 Feb) where you can cuddle up after your amazing talk and just enjoy the feel of your lover's body next to yours as you lovingly caress each other. A hand moving over a leg, an arm, a shoulder...cheek sliding along silky smooth hair...bodies pressed as close as possible as your mind wanders to the joy of being in love.

Yeah, these are three pretty romantic poses by themselves, but put them all together and you have a night of magic. *sighs softly*

Now for the exciting news, since I know you are all just sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation. Don't you hate it when someone starts something, gets you all worked up, then makes you wait for the good stuff? What was that? Oh yes, I'm very excited to tell you about our new... (soft whispering and giggling noises can be heard -Naku- "Did you tell them yet?" -Kayla- *giggles* "I'm trying, ohhh nice hands, um I'm trying to now." *sighs softly, then shakes her head to clear her thoughts as she swats Naku's hand away* Stop that or I will never get to tell them, naughty man!") Oh, where was I? Oh yes, well I am super excited to tell you all about our new adult blog! *bounces up and down in her seat like a school girl* It's sooooo exciting. Remember the post here about the Forbidden Fruit Hunt, but I couldn't show you the pose because we want to keep this site available for everyone? Well now you CAN see it! Yay!! Just check out the new blog for this awesome hunt pose and many more to come. As I said, it is an adult blog so please do not view it if you find adult material offensive.

Well that's it for now you wonderful people, I'm off to see what mischief I can get into. *grins widely*
See you at Kabuki,

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