Friday, January 22, 2010

60L Sunday

It's Friday..YAY! Now put on your partying shoes and go have a blast. But don't wear yourself out so bad you can't make it to Kabuki on Sunday because you will miss the next 60L deal. Naku is offering a super sweet pose called "Always and Forever". Show a loved one how much you love seeing them by running and jumping into their arms, wrapping your legs around their waist tightly, entwining your fingers through theirs, staring deeply into their eyes, and kissing them passionately. With this pose there is no way they won't realize how much they mean to you.

The head movements with this pose are so super sweet. First you stare into each other's eyes, then you lean forward and kiss with your head moving slightly side to side like you just can't get enough....Ohh, so sweet. Be sure to mark a big red star on your calendar to remind you of this sale. See you at Kabuki.

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