Sunday, January 10, 2010

60L Sunday

Yes that's right, Kabuki has joined the 60L Sunday group. So each Sunday Naku will pick one pose to offer in this awesome sale, and even only costs 60 lindens! OMG, your screams of joy are hurting my ears. *laughs* And here is today's sale item called "Whisper".
Scoot up behind your sexy significant other and whisper anything you want into their ear. I bet you have goosebumps forming all over their body as your breath tickles the side of their face and your lips caress gently. The warmth of your body behind them combined with your strong hands over theirs helping with their sense of security and love. *sighs softly* Sweet huh?

The sale starts tomorrow, so rev your

Want to know more about or join the 60L Sunday Group? Here you go:
How we're different...
We don't limit the quantity of merchants allowed to participate each week. We offset the potential chaos of this by sending out a note card with pictures of the items for sale, so it is more like getting a sale flier in your Sunday newspaper rather than TP'ing all over to look at each one. Merchants are screened (to help prevent copybots and resellers). Every Saturday just before midnight a note card goes out on our mass group message subscription device, which contains LMs and pictures for every store that wishes to participate that week. Merchants are also encouraged to send the completed list to their own groups, generating even more customers.

If you would like to join the group as a merchant please contact Kayla Bombastic OR Cara Ametza. If you would like to subscribe as a customer please visit Heavenly Treasures and touch the scribo sign.

Well there you go sexy people, I will see you at the store!

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