Monday, January 18, 2010

17 Jan, 60L Sunday sale

Well it's Sunday again,I can't believe it's been a whole week This week Naku is offering a very sweet pose called "I Miss You". This pose could not have come at a better time because a very dear friend of mine is out of town right now and away from SL a lot. Every time he logs in I'm going to drag him to this pose and show him just how much I miss him! *grins widely*

Squeezing him very tightly, my head laid against his strong chest to listen to his heart as it beats faster because I am near, unable to stop my foot from kicking in the air in my excitement. *sighs* "Where are you Than? I need my hug fix. You are missed very much and I can not wait to see you again!"

Yes, this pose is one of the best ways to show those you care about how much you miss them. At 60L this is a steal. If you would like more information about 60L Sunday please read last week's post. I will see you all at the Kabuki!

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