Tuesday, January 26, 2010

60L Sunday & now Saturday too!

Yes, that's right. 60L Sunday has expanded by popular demand to include Saturday's too. So if you have been dying to get your hands on one of Kabuki's awesome 60L deals but just can't make it on Sunday, well now you can! This week Naku is offering a very sweetly romantic pose called "Best Of My Love". -As your lover is lounging in front of the fire lost in the flames, you move up behind them, pressing your warm body against theirs to gain their attention, wrapping your left arm over them in a protective embrace as they turn and look up at you, both of you staring deeply into the others eyes, no words needed to express the emotions you hold in your heart, that one deep, long look saying it all.- *sighs softly*

Who needs a fire to warm you up when you have a pose like this? Oh wait, I do since I'm all alone in this big old house with nothing to do. Come on over, you know you want to. I'm waiting for you...

Pick up yours Saturday or Sunday at Kabuki Creations for only 60L Who knew romance was so darn affordable?..lol And don't forget to look around the store while you are here, there are heaps of wonderful animated poses at amazing prices.

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