Friday, February 27, 2009

The Kabuki Team

Hello and welcome again. I was talking to Naku Nishi the other day as he was putting pictures on the wall after he had finished renovating the store. There was pictures that i didn't recognize the person on it, so i started asking and he ended up telling me there was actually new member of the Kabuki Team O.O!.What?? i didn't know that......:P. So i thought its a good idea to introduce the Kabuki Team member here, in case you need help and you don't know which one to ask. so here they are get to know them and know what they can do to help you. Lets start with the owners shall we..:)

Naku Nishi

He is the owner and creator of all the poses in Kabuki Creations. Overall question can be answer by him especially technical, however we have other Staff that will be able to answer non-technical question.

Leja Ayres

The owner of Simply Ayres. She is the creator of the wonderful and beautiful clothes in Kabuki Creation Simply Ayres,any question regarding purchase, modeling and any general question should be directed to her.

Blaize Nightfire

Hes the Kabuki DJ, check him out sometimes he plays great tunes. You rawk Blaize....:P

Chelone Fairey

That's me sleepwalking...:), i mean admiring the beauty of one of the sim in SL, I am in charge of Blogging about Kabuki Creation.

Jessica Spyker

Our store helper, in charge of group member and also adding new member.

Below are our sales representatives, builders and sim owners are welcome to IM them for help regarding pose Animation purchase or any general question.

Nissa exonar

Lollipop Briggs

Due to a busy year, Lollipop will be taking a break. goodluck to you Lolli, hope you come back again.

These beautiful ladies and hot guys are our models, if you find them in the store feel free to ask for a preview on a dress you like, or ask for an assistance on the poseballs at Kabuki Creations.

Vynus Demina

Andru Hansome and Andarli Alcott

So there you go...:) the whos who in The Kabuki Team. Hope this help in case you need help. I have received question that is only the owner can answer so from know on you don't have to IM every single staff anymore.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kabuki Creations store

Hi again, Greetings and welcome from Kabuki Team. Well, i would like to bring everyone on a tour to Kabuki Creations store. If you forget what store it is, this is the store that owned by Naku Nishi and is mainly selling pose animation. Due to limited spaces we are unable to place Simply Ayres stuff in here but i think you'll find it more satisfying to shop at Simply Ayres store instead...:). Anyway, since more and more poses coming and being launched every few days we had to change looks to accommodate new and coming product. So these photos are a glimpse of what you will see when you get there.

This is the landing area and also the main hall of the store. take a look around you might just find your favorite pose...:). also don't forget to try on the white sofa it has 7 different poses, just touch the sofa to start and you can change the poses from the drop down menu.

This is how the main hall look as you turn around, this area has mixture of old and new poses as well as cuddle huds.

Turn to your left after you land in the main hall and you will find these romantic sofa poses...:). These are the individual poses if you are not interested with the hud version.

Dont forget to look for the new and improved poster if you are looking for newly launched poses. Ok, we're just adjusting the pose balls....:P

When you get down to the left room form the main hall you will find older poses and some of our best selling like "Eternity". If you are not yet a member, you can find the the sign to join our member in this room. Also, you'll find our freebies here too. Please note that you have to wear our goup tag and have our place in your picks for 24 hours or more to recive the free monthly pose. If all that fails, please make sure that you ticked "show in search" in your profile, i have been having problems getting my free pose because of this. Tried all i can do to fixed it still i can't finally when i was about to give up, this one little thing is actually to thing that preventing me from receiving the free poses. So when did i realize my problem is you ask? hmmm whats the latest free pose? "one heart". That's the first fee pose that i ever received, there rest... i missed it...:(

Fill your Bathroom with our hot shower poses for couple..:P

Explore this room a little bit and you might just find a Massage table complete with massage poses and a bath tub with a pose for you bathroom...:), or maybe you would like to cuddle in the bathroom....:P

Finally i am in the Adult area......:P, check out our beds it comes with pose hud. Hud are filled with Adult pose and also cuddle pose. But that's not all, if you want more pose in your hud don't be afraid, coz the hud also allow you to add new pose. You can also get our hud without the bed and add it to your own bed...convenient isn't it...:)

Ok i am leaving the adult area but don't forget to turn around or you'll miss our newly launched adult pose.

wow that was fun...:) but i have finished my review for today dont forget to come again ( to our blogsite) for more review on the pose, coming up soon...:P. i'll see you at Kabuki Creations or Simply Ayres mostly i'll be at Kabuki Creations. Bye for now and enjoy your shopping.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Simply Ayres store

Hey hey..... ok as everybody knows, Simply Ayres has change its look again, too bad i missed the grand opening and i was so looking forward to it...:( so to make up for it, i sign up for a mystery shopper and went there to experience shopping at Simply Ayres. My overall comment?, i love the new store ... not that the old store is not good but the new one is better!. Its more spacious so you find it easy to maneuver around and its more well organized. The male and female section is in the different floor so you know where to go when you got there. I think she did a good job picking a great builder...:).Here are some of the photo i took when i was there.

I landed in front of the runway, this area not only serve as runway but also a party area...:P. there was a disco ball and a poseball giver...i love the atmosphere here, it makes me feel like i wanted to party all night long.

The shopping is somewhere ahead but we're not there yet. We are only at the entrance of the store. Ohh wait we are in the store....:P, like i said this place is big!

Ohhh wow...what a nice waiting area, it makes me feel like home..i think I'll take a nap on this couch...:P.

Okies lets get back to shopping, but have i told you about the elevator? it works like the real one, even sounds like one and is has announcer too. i love it, make me feel like I am at a real mall....:P.

Finally I am at the first floor, this is the ladies section. so ladies you know where the ladies section is now. But, wait while i am considering which one to get i'll just take a seat on this lovely couch.

ooh yeah...this is the men sections alright, it wouldn't be complete without a car, nice thoughts Leja. I just cant resist but to pose on the car....:P

hmmm..... why do i feel like I've seen these poses before....:P. Right, so i am at the third floor this is a vendor floor. Anyone wants to put a vendor here? Ooopss you gonna have to ask Leja Ayres for that.

I am still on the third floor but i Just loveeee this corner. These photos reminds me of the happy days. Can you tell which one is me?....LoL kidding.

Well, i finally finish my report and ready to submit it..:) so , till next time i'll bring you the hottest news from us again. Enjoy your shopping and have funs!.. buh-bye.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Greetings and Welcome from The Kabuki Team

Hello and greetings, my very warm welcome to you for visiting our blogsite. This blog is dedicated to the fans of KabukiCreations pose animation. we know that there is a lot of follower to our product so this is for you, to make it easy for you and also if you are looking for a more detailed description of the incoming or newly launched pose animation this is the right place for you. You will also find the entire collection in this blog site, but of course its gonna take a while to lists them all here, as kabukiCreations has launched quite number of pose series. anyway sooner or later we will have the entire collection listed in here so be patient and come back again soon. KabukiCreations pose animation which is solely created by Naku Nishi has been a hit and we are proud to presents it in this blog for everybody's reference. As the CS of kabukiCreations i can only answer general question. Technical questions should be directed to Naku Nishi. Also as everybody knows, Simply Ayres is also part of Kabukicreations so dont forget to check out Simply Ayres in this blog. I hope with the existence of this Blog site will bring more information, and you closer to us. hope to see you again soon and enjoy your visit.