Sunday, February 15, 2009

Greetings and Welcome from The Kabuki Team

Hello and greetings, my very warm welcome to you for visiting our blogsite. This blog is dedicated to the fans of KabukiCreations pose animation. we know that there is a lot of follower to our product so this is for you, to make it easy for you and also if you are looking for a more detailed description of the incoming or newly launched pose animation this is the right place for you. You will also find the entire collection in this blog site, but of course its gonna take a while to lists them all here, as kabukiCreations has launched quite number of pose series. anyway sooner or later we will have the entire collection listed in here so be patient and come back again soon. KabukiCreations pose animation which is solely created by Naku Nishi has been a hit and we are proud to presents it in this blog for everybody's reference. As the CS of kabukiCreations i can only answer general question. Technical questions should be directed to Naku Nishi. Also as everybody knows, Simply Ayres is also part of Kabukicreations so dont forget to check out Simply Ayres in this blog. I hope with the existence of this Blog site will bring more information, and you closer to us. hope to see you again soon and enjoy your visit.

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