Friday, February 27, 2009

The Kabuki Team

Hello and welcome again. I was talking to Naku Nishi the other day as he was putting pictures on the wall after he had finished renovating the store. There was pictures that i didn't recognize the person on it, so i started asking and he ended up telling me there was actually new member of the Kabuki Team O.O!.What?? i didn't know that......:P. So i thought its a good idea to introduce the Kabuki Team member here, in case you need help and you don't know which one to ask. so here they are get to know them and know what they can do to help you. Lets start with the owners shall we..:)

Naku Nishi

He is the owner and creator of all the poses in Kabuki Creations. Overall question can be answer by him especially technical, however we have other Staff that will be able to answer non-technical question.

Leja Ayres

The owner of Simply Ayres. She is the creator of the wonderful and beautiful clothes in Kabuki Creation Simply Ayres,any question regarding purchase, modeling and any general question should be directed to her.

Blaize Nightfire

Hes the Kabuki DJ, check him out sometimes he plays great tunes. You rawk Blaize....:P

Chelone Fairey

That's me sleepwalking...:), i mean admiring the beauty of one of the sim in SL, I am in charge of Blogging about Kabuki Creation.

Jessica Spyker

Our store helper, in charge of group member and also adding new member.

Below are our sales representatives, builders and sim owners are welcome to IM them for help regarding pose Animation purchase or any general question.

Nissa exonar

Lollipop Briggs

Due to a busy year, Lollipop will be taking a break. goodluck to you Lolli, hope you come back again.

These beautiful ladies and hot guys are our models, if you find them in the store feel free to ask for a preview on a dress you like, or ask for an assistance on the poseballs at Kabuki Creations.

Vynus Demina

Andru Hansome and Andarli Alcott

So there you go...:) the whos who in The Kabuki Team. Hope this help in case you need help. I have received question that is only the owner can answer so from know on you don't have to IM every single staff anymore.

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