Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kabuki Creations Pose Animation pt.1 ( The earliet series)

Hello and thankxx for visiting our blog again. Today i would like to introduce the earliest pose series that had our creator Naku Nishi kick off his career. Long ago, we both love to sit down and chat for hours and hours but back then we only have a rug that has a 5 couple pose in it. Eventually we got tired of sitting on the rug and that's when he developed ideas of making pose animation. There were total of 12 poses that he made and these poses was launched almost a year ago.

All of Kabuki Creations poses are made for couples in love with each other. These poses are great to be placed anywhere you like be it on a bed, a sofa, on a rug or the grassy spot under the tree behind your house in Second Life...:)

Awwww......aren't they cute...:D this couple in love with each other yet they are both shy and instead sitting facing away from each other.

For those of you who love to have fun with art this is a must have in your inventory. Painting is fun, but try painting something with your loved ones. you never know what will come out..:)

Look into her eyes with this pose and show her how much you care for her. She will be happy knowing that you really do love her, after all eye contact is important.

Pick a nice spot and hug her from behind with this pose, whisper the magic words into her ear while you both stares into the sunset. This simple pose will definitely makes her fall all over you.

Sprained her ankle? no worries carry her to safety and tend to her wounds. women loves men who take great care of her.

Establish your relationship with her with this kiss that mark the beginning of your wonderful life together.

Cant get enough of her? Shut your mouth and just kiss her with all yr heart don't forget to tell her how much you love her with your wild kiss.

Attention ladies, show those silky, flawless skin on your back to him. I am sure this temptation wont hold him from running his finger on your back and feeling you soft silky skin.

Saying "I Love You" is no longer something that hard for you to say, with this pose animation its easy for her to pick up whats in your mind. Grand gesture isn't needed, just sit down with her in a quiet place and spill out your feeling for her.

Not having enough space? someone stole the extra chair? crowded place? or the two of you are just inseparable? why not sit together in one spot?...:) she will feel totally safe sitting with you.

Another great kissing pose form our pose creator Naku Nishi. It seems whatever he do he does it with kissing...:) i think its a great way of showing your affection to someone. So what are you waiting for get this pose and show her/him how much you are intoxcicated with her/him.

These Pose animation is still up for sale for a price of 100L$ each. So those of you who would like to own it just teleport to our Kabuki Creations store at Eternity Sands 186,38,33. Thank you for your support and see you there. Bye...:P

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