Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New "HOPE" pose

Hi and welcome once again. The pose animation below was created for the RFL hunt, it was a hunt organized for a cancer fund raising. However due to some problem it was canceled, and the roses that was hidden in the store has been removed. But everyone will still have a chance to own this pose animation. This pose as you can see it, both avatar is kneeling down on their knees holding each others hands and kissing, this pose animation will be given as a profile pick gift for July. So everyone dont miss this chance to get it for free. You must have our place in your second life profile, under the pick tab to receive this gift. So put us in and wait for 24 hour for it to be registered in second life and come back to our store and get your free pose animation...:). Hurry dont delay, because this great and carefully done pose will goes up on sale after the month of July ends. If you miss it you gonna have to pay for it...:). Again dont forget to come down and get yor copy. Bring everybody you know as well and let them enjoy this great pose with thier loved ones.

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