Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Simply Ayres store

Hey hey..... ok as everybody knows, Simply Ayres has change its look again, too bad i missed the grand opening and i was so looking forward to it...:( so to make up for it, i sign up for a mystery shopper and went there to experience shopping at Simply Ayres. My overall comment?, i love the new store ... not that the old store is not good but the new one is better!. Its more spacious so you find it easy to maneuver around and its more well organized. The male and female section is in the different floor so you know where to go when you got there. I think she did a good job picking a great builder...:).Here are some of the photo i took when i was there.

I landed in front of the runway, this area not only serve as runway but also a party area...:P. there was a disco ball and a poseball giver...i love the atmosphere here, it makes me feel like i wanted to party all night long.

The shopping is somewhere ahead but we're not there yet. We are only at the entrance of the store. Ohh wait we are in the store....:P, like i said this place is big!

Ohhh wow...what a nice waiting area, it makes me feel like home..i think I'll take a nap on this couch...:P.

Okies lets get back to shopping, but have i told you about the elevator? it works like the real one, even sounds like one and is has announcer too. i love it, make me feel like I am at a real mall....:P.

Finally I am at the first floor, this is the ladies section. so ladies you know where the ladies section is now. But, wait while i am considering which one to get i'll just take a seat on this lovely couch.

ooh yeah...this is the men sections alright, it wouldn't be complete without a car, nice thoughts Leja. I just cant resist but to pose on the car....:P

hmmm..... why do i feel like I've seen these poses before....:P. Right, so i am at the third floor this is a vendor floor. Anyone wants to put a vendor here? Ooopss you gonna have to ask Leja Ayres for that.

I am still on the third floor but i Just loveeee this corner. These photos reminds me of the happy days. Can you tell which one is me?....LoL kidding.

Well, i finally finish my report and ready to submit it..:) so , till next time i'll bring you the hottest news from us again. Enjoy your shopping and have funs!.. buh-bye.

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