Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Hunts...YAY!

Updated with my comments and even a new pic to show you all. Look for newer posts for the hunts not blogged here.
First let me apologize for not doing my usual posting. I am very sick right now but I did not want to leave you all in the dark about the great poses for this month. So this will just be the basics and I will come back later and fill you in on the details.

Kabuki still has three hunts that started in January but end this month. If you haven't gotten them yet be sure to grab them before they disappear. See the blog entry titled "New hunts & exciting news" for info on these hunts with poses "Special Memories", "Can't Fight This Feeling", and "Love You All the Time".

Now for the new hunts...WOOT! Kabuki is in 5 hunts that started on February 1st, and 2 more that start later in the month. The first is the Broken Heart Hunt (Feb 1 - 28), where you can find Naku's "Wild Thing, I Think I Love You" pose. Mmm, this is one hot and sexy pose. Show your wild side as you wrap your arms around your lover's shoulders, pressing close as you kiss them passionately, getting them so excited they reach down and bring your leg up to wrap around theirs, their hand moving over the back of your smooth thigh. Oh yeah, I like this pose a LOT...*grins and giggles like a school girl*

Second is the Love Is In The Air Hunt (Feb 1 - 28) "How About A Kiss" Love certainly is in the air with this pose. Sit down and pat the seat next to you for your lover to join you, then place your lips softly against theirs as you caress their face or stomach. Sometimes all you need to say I love you is a kiss. *smiles softly* The bench is modifiable of course.

Third is the Snack-N-Sweet Hunt (Feb 1 - 28) "Love Blooms Here" I just melt when I use this pose. Goodness it's so sweet to be kneeling with the one you love, holding hands, looking deeply into the other's eyes, then kissing passionately. This one went directly to my most favorite pose folder. Thanks so much Naku, you sexy devil you.

Fourth is the Stupid Cupid Hunt (Feb 1 - 28) "My Favorite Place" I think Naku read my mind when he named this pose. My favorite place IS on the lap of the man I love. Nothing makes a girl feel safer than being able to snuggle up, feeling the warmth on her cheek and the loving touch of her significant other move over her skin and hair.

Fifth is the Tainted Love Hunt (Feb 1 - 28) "Dying Love" The wings are not included in this pose, but isn't it great the way Naku set up this picture? He's so creative. *winks*

This one I like a lot also, but I put my own little spin on it. Instead of "Dying Love" I like to call it Dying For Love. *grins* I took a picture to try to show you what I mean. Doesn't Than looks amazing staring at me like he wishes he could save me, that if he just loves me enough I won't die? They do say love never dies, and this pose helps test that theory. *smiles* Plus it's great for all of us models that like making awesome pictures.

Now for a short hunt, starting February 12th to the 28th is the Every Rose Hunt, not sure what Naku will be offering for this one yet but you can bet it will be great.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Pot O' Gold Hunt (Feb 19 - Mar 31). This will be an adult pose so you will have to check Kabuki Four Play for more details. *winks* I will let you all know when it's blogged.

Again, I am sorry this isn't my usual blog entry, but I will make it up to you all later, I promise.
See you at Kabuki Creations,

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