Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't forget

We have the 60L Sunday, and now Saturday too! sale going on, read below for the info on that.

Also the Pot O' Gold hunt started yesterday and runs through March 31st. This is a great adult hunt and if you want to see the prize then you need to go to the adult site, Kabuki For Play.

I've also blogged Naku's amazing RP Pole at the adult site for you all. It's a very hot and steamy story, be prepared. *grins and wiggles her butt* Yes, it's an adult site with adult pictures and material, please do not visit if that is offensive to you.

Also Naku still has the sweet Valentine's pose out in the store in the free area for you all. It's called "Valentine Kiss" and is a great kissing pose on a bike. You can give your sweetie a hot sexy kiss before he goes peddling off to get all hot and sweaty, then come home to find you in the shower and jump in with you. *wags her eyebrows* Now that's a nice way to end a bike ride. *winks* For this pose the one on the bike moves their head back and forth with the kiss, the other avi doing the same but also kicking their leg out behind sweet and adorable...and free!

Huggles all you sexy people,

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