Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twas the Night Before Kabuki Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through SL
Not an Avatar was stirring, thought I was in hell
I ran straight to Kabuki, to see who was around
Jumping for joy, because people I had found!

There was Naku, the Pose King, sitting on his throne
And Anyraya faking smiles, just wanting to go home
While Jessicah, ever cheerful, passed out eggnog
Filling my cup three times, i know "What a hog!"

Santa sat in the corner with his beard and cap
Alisia bounced like a child, up and down on his lap
Ava laughing like a loon, while her camera lights flashed
Nissa passed out under the table, I think she was smashed

When suddenly on the roof top there arose such a clatter
We all rushed outside to see what was the matter
Wide eyed and excited, we looked to the sky
There on the roof, rain-deer and a sleigh we did spy

Naku exclaimed loudly "Finally it is here!"
"My gift to you all, to spread Christmas cheer."
Hooting and hollering, we all yelled with delight
While Anyraya jumped in the sleigh, and drove out of sight!

Yes, that's right, ANOTHER free Christmas gift from Kabuki! This sleigh is just so adorable. It would be perfect to rez in the sky and take pictures for Christmas cards, don't you think? It has two great poses, on and off facial expressions, and even snow!
My special friend Than said he had something to show me and to dress for Christmas. So thinking I would be cute I threw on my Christmas bikini. I know, Christmas and bikinis do not usually mix, but hey, I live in Florida. *grins* I accepted the tp and arrived to find he wanted to take me on a little flight, just as I tried to suggest I change into something a little warmer he grabbed my waist and threw me up into the sleigh. *sighs at the sheer strength of a man that can do that* FYI, I do not recommend you take flight in a Christmas bikini as I did...brrrr! But I did have the best time flying around with Than and the rain deer. *whispers* And he did put his arms around me to help keep me warm, wasn't that so sweet of him?

Do not walk, RUN to Kabuki to pick up this awesome free Christmas gift.

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