Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hunts, Hunts, and more Hunts!

Kabuki is currently in 5 hunts, with two more coming up on the 15th! Wow, so much free stuff it will make your head spin. *laughs* I have already told you about the Snowflake hunt, now for the others. Let's start with the Peace on Earth Hunt, 1-31Dec, the "Listen To Your Heart" pose is just sooooo sweet. What better way to get close to your guy than to wrap your arms around him and allow your heart to sync with his as you listen closely, his warmth seeping into you all the while. *sighs softly*For the Santa's Lil Helper Hunt, 1-31DEC, Naku has added the "I Could Fall In Love" pose. And you know what? I did fall in love with it. It comes with the pillow which is modifiable so you can change the texture and colors.
Look how sweet they are laying there kissing. Psst...I tried this animated pose with a friend and he would not let me get back up from the pillow. *giggles* He pulled me close and just kept mumbling something about softness, i don't know, he was hard to understand. Don't miss this one ya'll, it is well worth the search!

Next we have the Jingle Bell Hunt, 1-31DEC, with the "Finally Found You" pose. It is so nice to be enveloped in your honey's embrace with his legs wrapped around you while he holds you close, isn't it ladies?
I hope all of you guys are watching your girl nod in agreement and listening to their cheers of joy. And I know you guys love to feel your girl pressed so close to you as you hold her tightly, keeping her safe. This is a great pose for relaxing and talking with that special someone.

And last for the hunts we have the On The Christmas Tree (OTCT) Hunt, 1-31Dec. It is another great couples pose called "Sweethearts" with a modifiable bench.
Not only do you get to sit next to your lover, but you get to put an arm around them, hold their hand, AND kiss them. *wipes the dampness from her brow* This pose is so good you will not need a blanket to keep warm in the winter months.

Now if you do not take the time to go find all of these hunt items, well I will just start to think there is something wrong with you...yes I will. *laughs* Seriously, all these great poses, and free!!! See you all on the hunts.

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