Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sweet Emotions, i mean Promotions

Kabuki has some great promotions going on right now. I just love Naku's bean bag poses. If you've never sat in a bean bag before, boy should you try it...especially cuddling in one!
Not only do you get the warmth of your sweetie's body and embrace, but you sink into the bean filled cushion for even more comfort. *whispers* Psst, it's also fun to wrestle around on one. Of course you get the bean bags with both of these poses, and they are modifiable so you can change the color to match your decor. That is so important to us ladies.
Do you know why bean bags were so popular in the 70s? Because it was the age of love baby, love. Well they certainly can put you in the right mood for that, let me tell you. And that is not all that is on sale right now.
You can also find this wonderful "Spending My Life" pose. It's not shown in the pic, but it comes with a very soft and sexy white bear skin rug. (Also modifiable if white is not for you.) This pose is great for calming down and cuddling after playing around on the bean bags. *giggles* Personally I like it in front of the fireplace...enjoying a nice glass of wine, listening to the wood pop, staring into the flames as they dance around, and best of all having your sweetie there to cuddle with you. *sighs softly* I know, I'm such a girl, some things just can not be helped.
Hurry to the store before these promotions end.

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