Sunday, December 6, 2009

Merry Christmas from Naku and the Kabuki team!

I just can not believe we are giving these away FREE!

OMG, the train is sooooooo adorable. It has two sitting poses with facial expressions you can turn on and off, as well as smoke and the wonderful train noises, horn included! I got so tickled when my friend Than and I sat in the train, he turned the smoke on and I got us rolling. Away we went around the tracks, so much fun!!! I'm still giggling about it just remembering. I am definately finding a place to display this one so all my friends can come and play also. The picture shows a tree in the middle of the track that is not included with the pose, but what a wonderful idea. Just add your own tree or even presents, and some snow, and Presto...tons of fun.

And now *giggles* one of my favorite poses. "I'll be good for Christmas" or will I? I really wonder if I need to be naughty or nice to enjoy this pose... What do you think? *whispers* I did actually get to try it out, shhhhhh. Oh boy what an experience, though I was trying to be good and not worry my friend too much...hehe. I must say Than had me squirming and kicking my legs really well, with a smile on his face the whole time. *shakes her head* By the way, how is your hand feeling Than? Santa, I will be a very very good girl if you bring me this for Christmas. Oh wait, it's free at Kabuki! *gives a wicked little giggle* I guess I don't really have to be good after all, sweet.

So how is that for tons of fun and enjoyment from your friends at Kabuki? You will find these wonderful morsels under the stairs, so don't miss out.
Merry Christmas from Naku and the Kabuki team!

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