Saturday, December 12, 2009

More free, seriously!

You just have to love a man that gives away so much free stuff! *blows Naku a kiss* Come on down, I have two more hunts for you all. First up is the Caring is Sharing Hunt, 15 Dec - 15 Jan. And Naku has chosen his very appropriately named "Sharing is Caring" pose to go with it.
Just look how caring your honey will be when they are behind you like this, their arms wrapped around you as they rub your hands and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Now let me hear you all say "Awwww" I know you want to, I did. *grins* I got to try this pose with my very dear friend Laz, so I can safely tell all you ladies to watch your man's hands when he gets behind you like this. *giggles softly*

Next we have the Black Pearl Hunt, 15 Dec - 15 Jan. Find the pearl and you will get another great pose called "Love for All Seasons". This one is just fantastic, comes with the modifiable bench so you can make it match your area. And I love how the person laying down is all relaxed with feet propped up while the other person cuddles and caresses their head, staring deeply into each others eyes.
This pose screams "kiss me please", or was that Laz again? *laughs* I'm just kidding Laz, please don't spank me. Oh wait, what am I saying? Spank me, spank me!!

I will see you all at Kabuki!

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