Saturday, March 20, 2010

20/21 March 60L Sale

Kabuki Creations brings you "A Moment Like This" for the 60L sale this weekend. This is one of those "moments" that help you show your loved one just how much they mean to you. So men, wrap your arms around your honey and pull her very close, let her drape her legs over yours as you snuggle her in tightly, moving your hands over the small of her back as you press your lips to hers in a searing kiss that will leave you both breathless.

And don't be shy ladies, pick those legs up and wrap them over his hips, pressing your body against his as you lightly trail your fingers over his back just before giving him the kiss of a life time... As you move in close look deeply into his eyes, let him see the love and desire reflected in your own eyes, then let your gaze wander over his full lips, your own lips parting on a sigh to show him just how much you want to taste those lips of his. But don't move in for the kill right away, first trail your tongue over his bottom lip lightly, then kiss just his bottom lip with both of yours before you seal your mouth over his. Now as your hearts speed up even more, slowly open your lips and let your tongue sneak out to find and tease his gently, and when both of your bodies are trembling with passion THEN you can let go and give him the full on, mind numbing, rockets exploding kiss you've been wanting to give him all night. *sighs softly* Now that is the kind of kiss that will last in your memory for a very, very long time.
Don't miss this awesome animated pose from Kabuki Creations this weekend.

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Ceiri said...

If you don't mind, could you please tell us where the hair the female model in this animation is from? Great animation, btw!