Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lovers tubs

Ohhh, it's bath time at Kabuki Creations...YES! Naku has revamped his already great tub and has made it even better, not just one, but two! So now it's not only bath time, it's play time. *grins* You can get either the copper tub...which I just LOVE the rustic feel it has to it, copper is soooo sexy...or the modern tub that has 52 textures to match it with any decor.

They both have 11 super sweet bath poses, you can snuggle up against your honey, just relax and sip some coffee, or even wash your lover's back. And they also have 9 sensual adult poses. But a few of the adult poses have two or three speeds to them, depending on your mood, and one even has a grind motion instead of up and down. *wiggles her butt* So it's like you get more than just the 9 poses really. They are all super hot poses that will leave you both breathless, trust me.

The poses are super easy to adjust, I was amazed. You can change the water texture, turn the water on and off, and even turn the steam on and off. Just don't forget to empty the tub when you are done, don't want any nasty water rings left over. *laughs*

If you want to see more on the poses then please visit our adult blog, Kabuki For Play. You won't want to miss it, I got to do a little "peeking" at some hot friends. *winks*

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