Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey Hunters and Patrons

If you are doing the Snowflake Hunt, or even if you aren't, don't miss the gift Naku is giving for this one. Just look around the store for the cute little snowflakes to receive your 'A Heart Full Of Love' pose. It's such a sweet pose and comes with the chair and ottoman. Or you can use the pose itself to move to any furniture you already own. My friends Than and Cinn allowed me to peek into their home to see how they set up their gift.

Don't they just look adorable relaxing by the fire? Cinn said she loves this pose for unwinding at the end of the day with her honey, it gives them a chance to be close and talk. Aww, now isn't she just so sweet? You better hang onto that one Than. *winks* I'm on my way now to find the snowflake myself, I just can't resist after seeing these two love birds!
I'll see you at the store!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Calling all models and posers!

Have you seen the new Model Pose Stands at Kabuki yet? All I can say is WOW! These pose stands offer some of the most natural and smooth flowing poses I have seen on SL. You have to try them, the subtle movements between poses flow so nicely it's like you are posing in real life. I must have run through each pose on the stands three times just to watch myself move. *laughs* If you are a serious SL model, these stands are a MUST have. If you just want to play around and take great pictures, these stands are wonderful for that. Naku, you really out-did yourself on these, thank you so much!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last, but certainly not least

Friends, you simply must get down to Kabuki Creations and get the new "Never Be Apart" pose. This pose sends chills down my spine just thinking about it! A special guy friend and I went to try it out and we steamed up every window in the place. Ok, maybe that was my heavy breathing *blushes* but WOW. With his warm lips on the back of my shoulder and his hands moving over my waist as we straddled the brick wall, can you blame a girl? I try not to show my weaknesses very often, but run your lips along the bare skin on the back of my shoulder and I melt every time. Which is why I could not stop myself from turning in his arms and showing my appreciation with a deep kiss.

And the "Moment like this" pose showed perfecly what I had in mind. When I curled my legs over his, he and I could not keep our hands off of each other, his fingers running along my sides sending goosebumps all over me. My hands moving against his back to feel his warmth and strength. *shakes her head to clear the image so she can try to get back to her writing* Now what was I saying? Oh yeah, we had to leave the store quickly before we were thrown least that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. *giggles softly*

That's it for today everyone, if you are still not on your way to Kabuki then you may need your head examined. My office hours are 8 a.m.....*laughs* just kidding. But what are you waiting for???

Perfect night

Gentlemen, imagine the feel of a fluffy soft fur rug under your back as you relax before a nice fire, your eyes closed peacefully. Suddenly you feel movement in the air currents and fingers moving through your hair as your special lady lays down above your head and begins kissing you passionately, stirring your desires. Nice picture huh? *grins* Pucker up for a romantic evening with Kabuki's 'With Loving Care' pose, your lady will not be disappointed *whispers* and neither will you. I just adore how my feet wiggle in the air with this pose, showing how happy I am to be with my man. And men really can't resist you when you show them just how much you care and that you can't keep your hands, and lips, off them. *winks*

Want to feel loved?

Just try the 'Hugs and Kisses, Please' pose, it will certainly put you in the right frame of mind. Your man pulling you into the front of his strong body, cacooning you in his warm embrase as he wraps himself around you, his arms holding you tightly while he lovingly kisses your neck *shivers*. And that's not even the best part, the best part is that you can get this amazing pose for free just by having Kabuki in your picks...that's right, free! The head, hands, and feet animations in this pose make it so realistic and adorable. *Cocks her head to the side listening to the pounding of feet as everyone rushes to the store to grab this wonderful offer* And don't forget to come back each month for another amazing free pose from Kabuki's very generous creator.

Hello Everyone,

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Kayla and I just love Second Life. I'm a fun loving girl with a serious side when needed, though I love to laugh and that is how you will usually see me. Exploring SL and all it has to offer has been so exciting. I have met some great people and look forward to meeting many more. I do my best to talk to anyone that wants to chat, you just never know who you will run into or what great ideas or suggestions they will have. If you have any questions please feel free to IM me if I am online, but if I am not you need to send a note as my IMs almost always get capped.
I am very passionate about reading which has fueled my love of writing. I am so excited to be doing this blog for such a great company and I hope to do Naku's poses justice. I really do enjoy all of his poses and I love that he keeps them affordable for everyone. So on that note, let's start this wonderful journey together off right...