Friday, May 21, 2010

Two hunts ending May 30th

You have 10 more days for two of the hunts Kabuki Creations is involved in. The Get A Clue Hunt ends May 30th, so head on over to pick up the "Heart of Mine" pose. This is a wonderful little pose that comes with a white ottoman that is modifiable, but you can also use just the pose balls anywhere you want. Snuggle up with your sweetie, your back against the front of him as you sit between his legs, his body pressed tightly to yours so you can feel his desire as his hand runs over your chest, his arm pressing against your breast and his breath in your ear causing your breathing to increase, you reach up and grip his right arm to show what his closeness does to you as your other hand moves over this strong thigh.

My friend Erec took me to see a show at the theater, got us box seats but had this comfy ottoman put inside and the regular chairs removed. It was so nice snuggling against him as we watched the show. *sighs softly* I must say it was a bit hard to concentrate with Erec whispering softly in my ear as his hands roamed over my body. I kept teasing him by running my hands and nails over his muscular thighs, all the way up as far as I could reach, and back down again. To retaliate he let his fingers graze over certain sensitive areas on my body, sending shivers all over me.

Finally I couldn't stop myself from turning my head and capturing his lips with mine. Moaning softly into his mouth as I sucked his tongue and our hands continued exploring. I was ready to turn around in his lap and rip his shirt off when suddenly the lights came up.

We jumped guiltily and pulled apart, but his hands tightened on me as we realized it was not the end but just intermission. I stood, gripping is hands in mine to pull him up with me, his body still pressed to mine almost too much for me as I kicked the ottoman out of the way. I turned in his arms, pressing the front of my body against his and took his lips with mine again, grinding against him until his knees buckled and we slipped to the floor. I proceeded to ravish his mouth as I pressed my body against his, he moved his hand up to grip my butt and press me even closer, wanting me to know just how happy he was to be in this position with me. *moans loudly remembering*

Oh, that reminds me, the Pride Hunt ends May 30th also, so it's your last chance to get the hot "These Lips" pose for free. You can capture the lips of your sweetie just like I did Erec's. *winks* Show your sweetie just how much you love being with them with this pose. What man doesn't like being tackled and ravished every now and then? *grins widely* As usual, both poses have sync, face animations on/off, and show/hide pose balls for easy adjusting.

Don't miss these two great poses, get in to Kabuki before the 30th and start hunting.

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