Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shower them with love

I've had that old saying in my head lately, "April showers bring May flowers." Well Naku decided to change that up and give you May showers. *grins widely* Yes, these showers will get you wet just like rain showers, but let me tell you, you'll have lots of fun...Mmmm Mmmm. You can get a regular shower, a shower tub, or even just buy the shower HUD. There's also a very romantic waterfall, which you can see more of on our Adult Site!

The showers come with 9 intimate shower poses, 6 sweet kisses & cuddles, 6 sensual adult poses (some include different speeds/intensity), on/off water features, and removable menu HUDs that you can use with any shower, tub, or water feature.

"Ohhh, the temperature is just right, care to join me?"
Naku spent a lot of time making the animations in these so realistic. It's very easy to imagine yourself lovingly washing your sweetie's body, or pressing close as the water slides over your skin and kissing them until only thoughts of you are left in their head, slowly moving your body until you feel ALL of them. *coughs to clear her head*

"If you scrub my back, I'll scrub yours." *winks*
Taking your time in the shower has never been more fun. And because they are new, they are on special price, so hurry in to Kabuki Creations and grab these up now! If you want to see a few more of the poses, in intimate detail, head over to our Kabuki Adult blog, you can catch me and Than on our little adventure at the waterfall. *wiggles her butt*

"Well I'm going to have to get in now, don't keep me waiting sexy."

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