Friday, April 16, 2010

Sales, Promotions, and Gifts...Oh My!

Each week Naku offers you a different animated pose for the Letter Of the Week, LOW, sale for just 50L, that's half off the original price! Amazing!! You only have a little over two days left in this week's LOW sale, the letter is "O" so rush over to the store and grab your own "One Sweet Day" pose. Warp your arm around your honey's waist and pull them close, move your fingers over their ear and through their hair, press your body against theirs so they really feel you, and kiss them like there is no tomorrow. Yeah, that would certainly make my day very sweet, how about yours?

The next LOW sale starts Saturday night at midnight and the letter is "F". Kabuki Creations will be offering you "From Me to You" for this week long sale. So pucker up in anticipation of another amazingly sweet kissing pose. Entwine your fingers with your lovers as you move in to press against them, the front of your body molding to theirs, growing warmer and warmer as you kiss passionately, your leg kicking up as your desire builds with each moment. I bet if you nibble and suck on his bottom lip gently it will soon become very apparent just how happy he is to be this close to you. *winks*

For your free profile picks gift this month Naku is giving you a very hot and sexy pose called "Shiver". And MMMMMM, this pose will certainly make you shiver, I know it does me! Imagine standing at the stove, stirring a pot of yummy spaghetti when you feel warm, strong hands move around your hips, you draw in your breath as fingers begin to move over your sensitive tummy, a shiver moves through your body when you feel hot breath against your ear just before the soft lips make contact, kissing and teasing until your legs grow weak. I will have to warn my guy, *coughs* when I get one that is, not to do this to me unless he wants to order out that night...this would definitely have me burning the spaghetti. Especially if he moved his lips down my neck, shoulder, and across my upper back. *shivers hard with just the thought*

And don't forget to hit the MM board while you are there. This "Back Massage" pose is the perfect way to thank your lover for all the wonderful things he's made you feel with Kabuki's other great poses. *giggles and winks* And guys, you know you want to feel the warmth of your girl's body as she straddles your back, her lower body moving against you as her hands work their magic on your strong muscles. Be sure to provide her with plenty of massage oil and you just might 'slip' into something more than a simple massage. *grins widely*

On promotion this week you have the amazing tubs which I blogged for you on March 27th. If you missed it you really should scroll down, and don't forget to visit the Kabuki For Play site to see some of the great adult poses they offer! And back by popular demand, Naku gives you the "Bean Bag" with two great poses for cuddling with your sweetie. So not only do you get to sink into the comfort of the beans, but also the comfort of your sweetie's arms. I love thinking about just where my man's hands will wander to when I wrap one arm back and around his neck and massage his thigh with my other, leaving the front of my body open to him like an invitation. *sighs softly* Or when he pulls me around so I am sitting in his lap and looks deeply into my eyes, conveying with just a look exactly what my closeness does to him.

Don't miss ANY of the great sale, promotion, and free items from Kabuki Creations or you will be kicking yourself!

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