Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hunts, did someone say hunts???

It's hunt time again!!! And boy does Naku have some sweet poses in the April hunts. First off, Kabuki Creations is your #1 store in the Just For the Girls Hunt, 1 - 30 April. And ladies, you are just going to love "The Heart" pose when you find it. Think of the thrill of running and jumping into your man's arms, his hands folding over your bottom to support you as you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him senseless. Mmmm, isn't that the way you should greet each other every time?!

Next up is the Beautiful Nightmare Hunt, 1 - 30 April, but the "Kisses Forever" pose sure doesn't put you in mind of a nightmare. *winks* Hmm, let's see... You are laying down, clearing your mind and relaxing into sleep when suddenly you feel warmth along your right side. You try to open your eyes but they are so heavy, you feel something moving along the top of your head and then caressing your left ear, your hand flutters up weakly, still can't open your eyes as your heart starts pounding in your ears. When you feel something moving along your lower belly your knees bend up and your eyes flutter more, you see some kind of shape through your lids as you try desperately to open them. Then you feel lips against yours as a mouth comes down and starts ravishing yours. Your body immediately reacts with desire as all thoughts except the kiss leave your mind. *sighs softly* I guess that could be scary at first, but it's too hot to be a nightmare...*grins*

Now we have the Irontail Hunt, 1 - 30 April, with the "Never Felt This Way" pose. It's so amazing when two lovers can just relax and BE together. So just stretch out with your sweetie, your head pillowed on their stomach, the feel and sounds of their breathing soothing you, your hand holding theirs against your own stomach as they gaze at you lovingly, you wonder briefly what they are thinking but then realize that it doesn't matter as long as you are together, your hearts beating as one with you both knowing it's where you belong.

We have one for the girls, now for the guys. The Make Him Over Hunt, 1 - 30 April, for "Without You". And ladies, if your man doesn't usually do hunts, be sure to drag him in for this one, you will both be happy you did. So men, get ready to scoop your woman up in your arms and cradle her body close as she caresses your face and you give her a kiss she will not soon forget. It is so sexy when a man can kiss a woman with that kind of passion while carrying her off to the bedroom or other romantic spot to finish what he's started. *wiggles her butt* Now I just need to find a big strong man to whisk me off my feet like this. Any of you single male hunters up for it? *laughs*

And of course we can not forget The Brink of Kink Hunt or The Virtues of Sin Hunt, both 1 - 30 April, I just can't show you pictures of them here. But, visit our Kabuki For Play site if you want to see more. *winks* I'll just tell you that the "Force - Lift" pose for the Kink hunt is Mmmmm Mmmmm good. And the "Sofa - Front1" pose for the Sin hunt is very very hot. *tears her eyes away from the pictures and wipes the dampness from her brow* Oh, we have another hunt called Kala's Dream Hunt, but it doesn't start until April 12th, so keep an eye out for my post on that one.
Head over to Kabuki today to find ALL of these awesome hunt poses.

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