Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Your Sign Hunt gift

They say someone's star sign can tell you a lot about their personality. Whether you believe in that or not is totally up to you. But one thing I believe is that every sign has Sweetness in them, and Kabuki Creation's "Sweetness" pose will help you show it!

Think of the closeness you will have, and the emotions you can share, with your loved one as they cradle your head in their lap. Looking deeply into each other's eyes as they run their fingers through your hair. Your head cushioned against their strong thighs making you feel safe and loved. *sighs softly* Now I am a Gemini, and we are known to be quite fickle. Yes, that description actually fits with my personality because I do believe that variety is the spice of life. But I could stay in this pose with my lover for hours and be perfectly content.

And for you RPers out there, just look what a great pose this is for you too! Imagine the damsel in distress laid out on the ground, you rush over to her and find she is more in shock than actually hurt. What a perfect opportunity to cradle her in your lap and show her just how much of a hero you are as you coax her back to calmness and reality. OR, imagine your closest ally has been mortally wounded, you can't let them pass into the next life without making their last moments as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

Any scenario you choose for this pose...loving, helpful, heroic, or any other...there will be Sweetness in it. So be sure to find the What's Your Sign hunt prize. This pose is non-static, you can show/hide pose balls and sync movements, and of course the positions are adjustable.

The hunt runs from 4 to 25 September. There are also two other hunts going on right now, so be sure to check back here for info on those in the next few days. Hope to see you wandering around the Kabuki store soon!

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